Our Charter

Our Charter With average solicitor's fees going over the £250 mark, it is important that our clients are aware of our low fees. Because our Consultants are home-based, the overheads are very low and we can provide an excellent service at affordable prices. All our lawyers are based in London and will welcome you to their home-office or a convenient location. We can guarantee that due to our business model, you will not find a suitably qualified legal consultant cheaper. Our hourly fee starts at £99 (including VAT). This makes us one of the most economical law firm. Our legal consultants are paid from within this price and we guarantee that there will be no hidden/extra costs. You will only pay what you have been quoted. For companies, we provide a tailored "retainer consultancy" service. If you sign up to our retainer service, we provide you with a set amount of hours every month at a fixed fee. If you do not use all of your allocated hours every month, they are carried on to the next month. At the end of the year, you may reduce or increase allocation as necessary. For drafting of contracts, we are able to offer a fixed fee service such that you already know what the cost of our service would be. If you require a fixed fee service, please do let us know. We pride ourselves on our transparent charges and excellent customer care. We have several fee arrangements and will always discuss those options which are best for the client. That is our promise. If we promise a particular result and we fail to achieve that, we will offer to make amends and if necessary refund you any fees paid. We do not charge for initial discussions and meetings. We will only charge you once you instruct us. When you instruct us, we will give you our terms of trade which would govern your relationship with Whitehall Legal Consultants Limited. We will also include in this the work we will do for you and how we will charge you. Before we start working on any matter, we provide a good estimate of the time that will be spent.

We Offer

  • Whitehall Legal Consultants offers a free risk assessment and legal check for businesses. We will help you identify legally required compliance issues and any risks you are exposed to.