1. What are the fees charged by you?

Unlike many solicitor's firm with hourly fees in excess of £250 (excluding Vat), our charges start from £99 per hour inclusive of all taxes. There will be no hidden charges, extra costs or unexpected bills. We guarantee that if there is a dispute on fees, we will accept what you claim we promised. Due to our small size, it is very important for us that our customer's are happy with our service, work quality and fees.

2. Why are your fees so low?

Our low fees are the result of the business structure that we have. Our lawyer's work from home and most are in full time employment elsewhere. This is a unique way for them to make extra money and build their own client base. Our lawyer's give their full attention and put in the extra effort to help our clients.

3. Who are you lawyer's?

The lawyer's working within our team are highly qualified individuals in their fields. All hold proper legal qualifications and extensive expertise. All of our lawyer's have access to the latest updates in the law so you can be sure that they are as up to date with the law as possible. We arrange regular courses for our team members to further polish their skills.

4. Why don't your lawyer's do litigation work?

As our lawyer's are in full time employment, we cannot ask them to carry the burden of litigation work as this can be very time consuming and it requires a lot of support. It is our intention that in the future we would be able to offer these services.

5. Which locations do you serve?

We have clients across London and surrounding areas but as we are located in the West London areas, our clients mainly come from Ealing, Wembley, Acton and the Brent areas.

6. What areas of commercial law do you have expertise in?

We have expertise in the following areas of commercial law:
1. Advertising and marketing
2. Agency
3. Confidentiality
4. Consultancy
5. Consumer
6. Distribution
7. E-commerce
8. Franchising
9. General commercial
10. General contract and boilerplate
11. Outsourcing
12. Preliminary agreements
13. Public procurement
14. Supply of goods and services

7. What areas of corporate law do you have expertise in?

We have expertise in the following areas of corporate law:
1. Acquisition
2. Asset Management
3. Share Management
4. Dealing with public bodies
5. Auctions and buy-outs

8. What areas of employment law do you have expertise in?

We have expertise in the following areas of employment law:
1. Employment contracts
2. HR procedures and policies
3. HR consultations

9. Who do I complain to about the Service provided?

We welcome feedback from our customer's on how we can improve our services. We love hearing about positive feedback, but in the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please contactl the firm's Director here contact firm director. We will endeavour to deal with any issues as soon as possible and inform you of the remedial action we take. It is very important to us that we maintain a good reputation in this competitive market.

10. Do you deal with landlord & tenant matters?

We deal with all matters relating to landlords & tenants including:
1. Residential
2. Leases compliant with the Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales 2007
3. Leases without prescribed clauses
4. Leases with prescribed clauses
5. Underleases
6. Authorised guarantee agreement
7. Rent deposits
8. Licences and deeds
9. Surrenders
10. Lease management
11. Business tenancies orders
12. Options
13. Service occupancies